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FPC Series are deep cycle batteries specially designed for long duration cyclic applications (where the battery is frequently charged and discharged).

With advanced AGM valve regulated technology and oversized negative plates, the FPC Series ensure very good cyclic performance with greater depth of discharge for mobility-type applications such as medical, golf and also renewable energies storage.

In harsh use conditions (high temperature, higher deep of discharge…), the Gel FPG range is recommended.

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  • Maintenance free & non-spillable
  • High Cyclic performances: x2 superior to AGM standard batteries
  • Over dimensioned negative plate & enhanced conception for longer cycle life
  • Good recovery from deep discharge
  • Lower internal resistance for higher current discharge
  • Low self-discharge rate (about 3%/month at 20°C)
  • Wide range of operating temperature
  • Operation in any orientation (excluding continuous inverted use)
  • Robust construction: strong resistance to vibrations
  • Low gas emission due to high gas recombination of 99% (VRLA)
Full Code Short Code Volt (V) C20 (Ah) L x l x h (mm) Prix Brut (€) Datasheet
FPC12-35 590508 12 35,4 195 x 130 x 164 Datasheet
FPC12-40 590509 12 40,8 197 x 165 x 170 Datasheet
FPC12-60 590510 13 60 229 x 138 x 210 Datasheet
FPC12-80 590511 12 80,4 260 x 168 x 208 Datasheet
FPC12-100 590512 12 107,2 330 x 173 x 212 Datasheet

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