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GEL battery range is designed to offer maximum performance and safety! Ready to use, GEL battery will not require any acid handling, initial preparation or maintenance. The non-spillable design (VRLA) linked to its high performance make it the ideal battery for all powersports.

Our GEL FitHD models are high capacity reinforced batteries designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles. With specific terminals and battery case, these batteries offer a maximum vibration resistance.

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  • GEL technology
  • Ready to use
  • VRLA battery
  • Non spillable: easy to ship
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Multi-positional fitment
  • Suitable for cold weather
  • No acid handling
  • Easy to install
  • Increased life time
Full Code Short Code Volt (V) C20 (Ah) CCA (A) L x l x h (mm) Prix Brut (€) Datasheet
FHD14HL-BS GEL 550880 12 14,7 220 150 x 87 x 145 Datasheet
FHD20HL-BS GEL 550881 12 21,1 310 175 x 87 x 155 Datasheet
FHD30HL-BS GEL 550882 12 31,6 430 165 x 130 x 175 Datasheet

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