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Deep Cycle Flooded

FDC Series are Deep Cycle liquid electrolyte batteries specifically designed for small traction applications (requiring deep discharges).

With robust design made of thick positive & negative grid plates in a special alloy, the FDC Series offer low selfdischarge and ensure a long service life with high resistance to cycles.

This range is ideal for golf cart, aerial work platform, cleaning machine & solar applications

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  • Good deep discharge resilience performance
  • Low self-discharge
  • Low maintenance
  • Polypropylene case material = Shock-resistant and acid-resistant
  • Terminals with special lead alloy designed for high vibration resistance
  • Reinforced grid plates for optimal cyclic use
  • Negative plate: 99.9% pure lead with hard paste feature, specific additives for deep cycle purpose
  • Very good charging efficiency
  • Lower water consumption and reduced thermal runaway possibilities
  • Good performance under critical ambient temperature conditions
  • Reinforced grid/plates design for optimal cyclic use
  • Carbon additives to perform in partial state of charge (PSOC) and to increase charging efficiency
  • No stratification phenomenon
Full Code Short Code Volt (V) Capacity 20hr (Ah) RC 25A (min) L x l x h (mm) Prix Brut (€) Datasheet
FDC-605 593001 6 210 383 259 x 179 x 245 Datasheet
FDC-105 593002 6 225 447 259 x 179 x 245 Datasheet
FDC-125 593003 6 240 488 259 x 179 x 245 Datasheet
FDC-875 593005 8 170 295 259 x 179 x 245 Datasheet
FDC-1275 593007 12 150 280 329 x 181 x 245 Datasheet

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